History of Sears Fine Food

Hilbur and Ben Sears founded Sears Fine Food in 1938 on Powell Street,just off Union Square. Ben Sears, a retired circus clown, built a reputation for serving pancakes made from a recipe inherited from his wife’s Swedish family.

Sears was celebrated for it’s unique “Cadillac Waiting Room” which sheltered the waiting crowds. The owners would park two pink Cadillacs in front of the restaurant with the heaters and radios on. Later, the pink theme was brought to the inside of the restaurant, giving Sears a distinctive look that seemed to make the Swedish pancakes taste even better.

In 2004, Sears Fine Food underwent a major renovation project and for the first time in our history, opened for dinner, marking the beginning of a
new era. Sears Fine Food would not be the place it is today without our people. Many of the staff have been a part of the restaurant for more than twenty years, including one beloved 109 year old host. Travelers and regulars alike have returned to Sears for the memorable Swedish pancakes, a cherished San Francisco tradition that spans through many generations.

Sears has received tributes from many of our customers such as President Bill Clinton and Helen Gurley Brown. We invite you to look at some of the notes and letters that are on display around the restaurant. Sears proudly serves as a testimony to quality, home-style dining; we would love to hear about a special time that you, your family and friends have shared at Sears.

Enjoy your visit and thank you for choosing to become part of the legend.

We are located in San Francisco’s Union Square
You can hear the clang of the Powell Street cable car outside

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We are located in San Francisco’s Union Square

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