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Sears Fine Food

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Sears Fine Food has a rich history, dating back to 1938. The restaurant works hard to preserve its history and tradition, presenting
an atmosphere and cuisine that are just as classic as they were 70 years ago.
Sears Fine Food is famous for its 18 Swedish pancakes, which are still made using the original family recipe
brought over to the United States in the early 30s.

World Famous 18 Swedish Pancakes

The World Famous 18 Swedish Pancakes with Jam and Butter

Enjoy delicious Swedish-inspired cuisine with an American twist for breakfast, lunch and dinner at Sears Fine Food.

Sears was founded in 1938 by Hilbur and Ben Sears, a retired circus clown, who built a reputation for serving Swedish pancakes made from a recipe inherited from his wife’s Swedish family. The restaurant has changed hands a couple of times over the years but maintains its old-fashioned charm and a menu of American favorites, including a platter of 18 Swedish pancakes with jam and butter.

History of Sears Fine Food

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We are located in San Francisco’s Union Square
You can hear the clang of the Powell Street cable car outside

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We are located in San Francisco’s Union Square

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