Miles Neal

Executive Chef

“It began at an early age for me. A passion for great food. As with most gourmets, I attribute this to my mother, who was a fabulous cook. As long as I can remember my life has revolved around great food. “

“I can still taste the fresh baked breads and the fig jam made with love from the fruit of the tree that grew in our back yard, I can still smell the roasting meats and home-made desserts. These aromas and flavors have become permanently lodged in my memory and are a driving force behind my own cooking, both at home and professionally. It is with great pride I bring this tradition to Sears Fine Food.”

Chef Miles joined Sears in July 2010, continuing a successful career in the Bay Area spanning well over three decades. “I was raised in Southern California. My first title in the industry was dishwasher, and was soon promoted to cook. I really enjoyed the fast paced environment and working with food.”

After moving to the Bay Area as a teenager, Chef Miles began cooking on the graveyard shift in a coffee shop in Campbell. “I worked hard and learned all the preparations and dishes on the menu. Soon, the Chef quit and I was the one that knew everything. Next thing you know, I was running the kitchen, and I’ve never looked back.”

Since 1938 when Hilbur and Ben Sears opened the restaurant doors, Sears has been considered a “breakfast spot” famous for Swedish Pancakes. Fast forward to 2003 and after many transitions and tribulations, the restaurant closed it’s doors.

Knowing the importance of keeping San Francisco tradition alive, Man J. Kim of Lori’s Diner International took ownership of the business in 2004 and renovated the aged restaurant, bringing it back to life. Along with the renovation came upgraded equipment in the kitchen and a complete remodel of the upper and lower dining rooms.

As part of these new and exciting changes, for the first time in her history, Sears began serving dinner. Realizing the popularity of certain segments of the menu and the need for a more casual presence on Union Square, Chef Miles was brought in to revise the menu with his specialty- American Seafood and Comfort Food.

After honing his craft as Executive Chef of some of the busiest and well known eateries in the Bay Area, including fifteen years with California Café, many years as a culinary instructor and numerous appearances on local television, Chef Miles is now applying his full talent and expertise to his first love- those traditional flavors and dishes.

“The transition of Sears’ menu has been very smooth. With such a wide range of experience, teaching the staff new dishes and perfecting those already on the menu came easily for us. It is so gratifying to see all our hard work appreciated by our guests. Chef Miles also adds, “it is truly an honor to be invited to become part of the legend of Sears FIne Food. Like my mother loved and cared for us, I want to share this love and great food with our guests.

We are located in San Francisco’s Union Square
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We are located in San Francisco’s Union Square

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